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Uprise Works: Creative Marketing & Strategic Consulting is a company that offers a full suite of creative services to its clients to provide strategic, tactical and innovative solutions for individuals, musicians, record labels, festivals and companies. We value the trust you place in our hands to achieve your business needs. 

Our experienced team will respond to, reflect upon and positively influence the perception of your product or service whether it is event-based, print, interactive, or online.  We are a company with great ideas, great connections and great taste.

Our experience in entertainment, music, events, lifestyle, wellness, professional services, technology and other industries provides us with unique insight into market trends, new approaches and valuable ideas.  Each of our customers receive a customized approach and solution to fit their needs.

Uprise Works is focused on creating unique solutions for our clients and their clients. To that end, we strive to build an environment that is mutually beneficial and equally rewarding. We bring integrity, passion and expertise to the table for every one of our clients.

FABIAN ALSULTANY, Founder / CEO / Musical Mind

A first-generation American of Iraqi and Cuban decent, Fabian Alsultany has spent his life bridging gaps.  Dubbed by Billboard Magazine as the “world music impresario,” Fabian Alsultany is a producer, entrepreneur, futurist, and dj.

He has produced and guided the creation of countless albums and concerts since the early 1990s, launched the live events division for Putumayo World Music, represented music industry legend Chris Blackwell (Bob Marley/U2) as Director of A&R and Festivals at Palm Pictures, and founded Uprise Management & Productions where he represented a stable of world music stars, branded festivals, and was the talent buyer of legendary nightclub SOB's. As the creator of GlobeSonic Sound System, a traveling DJ collective that fuses traditional music from the Middle East, India, Latin America, and Africa with modern electronica, he has brought the evolving sounds of international music to global audiences.  His works as manager, producer, representative and dj have taken him throughout the world.

Alsultany’s private ventures include establishing Uprise Works, a group of creative business professionals who provide creative marketing & strategic consulting for individuals, musicians, record labels, festivals and companies.  Another venture is a full service international music company, GlobeSonic Entertainment that focuses primarily on producing groundbreaking tours, shows and festivals in the entertainment and wellness industries. Alsultany is also a partner in Kinetic Management, Inc. an artist management company specializing in the representation of artists, producers and composers from both the United States and the Indian subcontinent. Another passion of Alsultany involves a company, Agua Prana, which concentrates on the sale of a new water regeneration technology to governments around the world.

Alsultany is a board member of The North American World Music Coalition, the United Nations International Day of Peace steering committee and on other various philanthropic and socially conscious organizations.


ANGELA HUFFSTUTLER, Former Managing Director / Multi Media Marketing Expert

Angela Huffstutler, co-founder and Managing Director of Uprise Works, is a creative professional whose experience encompasses a diverse mixture of marketing, public broadcasting, administration and multi-media design across many industries.  A native of Austin, Texas, Angela earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Texas and took advantage of the close proximity to Latin America where she spent a lot of time traveling, living and becoming fluent in its language and culture.  This led her to delve into many other cultures and naturally to work with a variety of entities such as Putumayo World Music, NPR, Persian Arts Festival, and GlobeSonic Entertainment. 

As the former radio director at a leading independent record label, Putumayo World Music, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to music, events and marketing. While at Putumayo she successfully managed radio promotion of their catalog, new releases and artist or branded tours in addition to producing and marketing their internationally syndicated radio show.  She gained wide exposure for artists, the label and its strategic partners through thinking outside the box and forging scores of relationships.  Angela has worked with a range of other syndicated programs such as Jimi Hendrix Live at Monterey: American Landing, NPR’s Latino USA, Pulse of the Planet, Science Diaries, Symphony Space Live, Heat and other special series.

She has also worked her marketing expertise in a variety of fields including real estate, with independent artists, health and wellness providers, content providers and non-profits that have provided opportunities to build on her knowledge of market trends, strategic planning, and leadership.  In 2005, Angela co-founded the Persian Arts Festival, a not-for-profit, arts and cultural organization, where, as executive director, her ambitious drive and dedication has created a thriving, unprecedented festival of its kind that highlights the voices and visionaries of Persian art and culture.

Angela provides marketing and design expertise, intellectual leadership, strong project management skills, a broad understanding of global popular culture, and an ability to find innovative solutions to marketing challenges of any size and scope. She can be reached by email here.


ALI SACHEDINA, Legal Affairs

Ali Sachedina is the managing partner of the Law Office of Ali Sachedina, a boutique law firm with a primary focus on the music industry.  He is also the founder and director of Kinetic Management, Inc. an artist management company specializing in the representation of artists, producers and composers from both the United States and the Indian subcontinent.

After graduating from the University of Richmond School of Law, Ali segued from the litigation sector into the music industry as the head of Legal and Business Affairs for Uprise Management LLC, the premier world music management company in North America.   In 2002, Ali transitioned to become a member of the Legal & Business Affairs team at New York-based artist management company, The Invasion Group and its associated label/distribution company, UFO Music.   During his tenure at Invasion Group/UFO Music, Ali counseled these two entities on all legal issues pertaining to the management of artists and the distribution of music.

In 2007, Ali established the Law Offices of Ali Sachedina, which has grown to embrace a wide spectrum of music-related clients – from emerging artists to award-winning producers; from startup labels to new/digital media concerns in both the United States and India.  

He is currently a board member of the North American World Music Coalition, Verge Records and a member of various philanthropic and socially conscious organizations.  Ali is admitted to the New York and Virginia State Bars.


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